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Learn French New York also provides translation and interpretation services.


Our Staff

My name is Sylvie, I have been living in New York since last November.  I'm graduated in history and philosophy, and have taught French in the evenings for the past two years. I really love my native language, and I will be happy to share it with you ! I'm patient and I like to explain. See you soon !

Welcome to Learn French New York!


My name is Sarah, I am a native French speaker. (born and raised in Paris). I teach on a one on one basis as well as small groups of students. I can help with grammar, conjugation, reading/vocab and conversational skills. I usually leave it up to the student to decide what kind of method they want to use. Right now I am working with a text book and a literature book from Marguerite Duras. I give a little homework and also advices on which cool movies to watch in French! 

My name is Nicolas, I am a native French speaker originally from Saint Etienne. I have lived in London for 2 years and then in San Francisco for four years where I gave my first French lessons. My teaching approach is centered on the student and on his/her language needs and expectations. In addition, from my own teaching experiences with adolescents and adults, I have noticed that working on student's errors is one of the best ways to improve and to understand one's language learning. Finally, mixing fun/communicative and traditional approaches is also my teaching asset. I enjoy mixing humour , fun and learning : it makes the language learning much easier. I have a strong sense of professionalism and I want to make sure that my students succeed. Their challenge is also my challenge, that is why my teaching work has always been very appreciated. I like to verify regularly if my students feel like they are improving and what they like or do not like about the class so I can customize the class to their needs.

Our goal is simple: To create learning success stories.


Since we have opened our doors, Learn French New York has been helping students fulfill their potential. We do this through personalized and group instruction. 

Get ready to go to France! While in New York City, learn to speak French fast and easily at Learn French New York, classes are available for all level students including adults and children, you may also study online on our site for FREE!

All courses are tailored to student needs and goals. Located In Manhattan - New York, convenient location, our school has the best French Classes in New York City.

You are a beginner in French? You will learn basic French in 5 days!

Reasons to learn French :

# French is spoken on five continents by more than 200 million people in 43 countries.
# France is the number one tourist destination in the world.
# French is the second language of the Internet.
# French is the International language of cuisine, fashion, personal car products, architecture, art, theater, and dance.
# French is both an official and working language of the United Nations.
# French is the official language of the European Union.
# French is the official language of business and trade in more than 25 African countries.
# Nearly half (40-50%) of all English words come from French.
# The French language is more understood worldwide than either Spanish or German.

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Tutoring & group classes

Certified native French teachers provide one-on-one tutoring as well as group classes. Classes are tailored to your particular needs.